In The Stormy Rain

We have all heard the story before. A tranquil town, streets with cobbles and people without them. Townsfolk and farm animal alike enjoying the blue skies draped over their homes. But how long can this utopia really survive unscathed? Not very long. The howling winds were first, claiming the sheep. After the town felt like they had mourned sufficiently for the shutdown of all the Edinburgh Woollen Mills in the area, along came the rain. Pigs and donkeys fell like flies, water spilling out of their animal eyes. All that was left were the cows. One man stood as guardian over the.beasts, his name Kevin. A man strong in arm and passionate in love, love for Chrissie. Chrissie was his trophy bride but was he able to save her before the storm had its way? Before she was dissolved by the oncoming floods? Have a listen and find out what happened that fateful day in the stormy rain:


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