The Tide

The Tide was the second short film to be produced by Butty Hands, and proved to be much more structurally ambitious than the first. One of my aims with this short film was to produce something which could challenge the people watching, both in terms of keeping with the loose narrative and understanding how certain sequences of imagery would link. The actual story of the short was a lot less important to me than creating a narrative framework in which I could suggest plot points, leaving it more to the viewer choosing which ones to adopt. I believed that this would result in a more engaging and personal viewing experience as the nature of the film demands attention from the audience should they want to get anything out of it. For the soundtrack of the film, I wanted to create a distinctive similarity, adding to the sense of a loop. Finger picking on the electric guitar fitted the tonal and visual elements, also retaining the feeling of a light touch which I thought would be an important factor as to whether it worked or not. The Tide features Alfie Smith in the lead role and the other half of Butty Hands, Joshua Perrett supporting. Watch it here:


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