DJ Depression’s Quest for Happiness

Jeff was down, lower than he had ever been before. From the outside it looked as if he had it all: the flashy top floor apartment, a lovely blue striped suit and his very own radio show. Unfortunately, this just wasn’t enough for the DJ. He wanted more and he could not deny this primal urge for freedom that permeated his being. He wanted the liberty to be the Jeff he always wanted to be. For at heart, Jeff was an entertainer, a lover of vibrant colours and sticky make-up, he wanted to make the people laugh. The DJ had no idea that the remedy to his crisis would be found in the webbed cupboards of a humble shop-keep. Merely asking the proprietor to provide him with a product which could make him happy – a feeling distant from his mind – Jeff’s life was flipped upside down. It was flipped like when you throw a bottle of water in the air and as it comes down rotating at a speed unanticipated, you just about catch it by the ridged cap. It causes a little discomfort and burn on the fingers as you grab that cap but oh boy are you glad you didn’t drop the bottle in public? Time to watch the video now please:


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