Big Mormon Man

The first series of The Two Spoons Radio Show had come to a close, episode five had flown Gary directly into the sun and the people were ready for something new. Something different, something bold. The first installment of The Audio Visual Experience, Big Mormon Man, was to be that something. Welding together anecdotes of varying interest and an odyssey of visual stimulants, Big Mormon Man proved to be a new direction for the Butty Boys. In this episode, the spoons discuss the tearing of a ligament, a portly Mormon Missionary and people of the slow walking persuasion. Clearly this wasn’t going to achieve coherence but what it lacks in stability, the AV Experience more than makes up for in confusion to the point of comedy. And as the great Chris Morris once prophesied “Well done Butty Hands, I like how bewildered I was watching your videos, that’s the most anyone can ask for after all”. I definitely agree with Chris on that one and if you don’t then maybe you should stop reading this and watch the video. If you do watch it and are still reluctant to book your seat aboard the Butty Bus, just keep watching. Keep watching until you like it:


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