Make-up Mondays with Keith

On a platform diluted by a persistent stream of vapid nonsense labelled ‘Make-up tutorials’, Butty Hands sought to ride their surfboard of dark comedy directly at the heart of the evil. Make-up Mondays was really the first comedy sketch in which we acknowledged something extremely relevant and popular in the real world. Luckily for us, these behemoths of cultural fascination are generally the most straight forward to lampoon. And that’s not ‘harpoon’, it’s ‘lampoon’. The only way to harpoon Make-up tutorials would be to travel across the globe, seeking out every person producing the videos and spear them through the chest with the nautical device. We never planned to do this nor can we be linked to any such incidents. Instead we made a comedy video following the exploits of Keith, an enterprising young makeup artist with a love of his belt and a keen eye for sweetcorn sized dollops of cream. Keith just wants to be part of the friendly, self a facing cultural murder gang lead by Zoella and her copper wire personality. Does he get his wish? Is he able to mash eyeliner onto his face with the best of them? Find out by watching the video:


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