Can Potatoes Feel Pain? – Butty Hands News Investigates

Brexit had gripped the nation, the UK was in a state of undeniable chaos. Farage had lead the proletariat to the streets in revolt, the soon to be forgotten Angela Eagle was slipping small needles under Jeremy Corbyn’s pillow and Cameron had declared a state of martial law. The people of this country needed distraction and Johnny Hotskin was about to serve it up to them, boiled, baked and chipped. Helped by his cohort Ryan Jennings, Butty Hands News set out to investigate once and for all if the humble Potato could experience pain. Johnny is taken on a turbulent ride as he searches for the truth in a world of deceitful university students and silent vegetables. Lead Investigator Ryan Jennings takes a journey of his own in which he comes to question the moral quandaries of torture and dives inward to truly understand what it means to be a Ryan. Can a hotshot news man really understand the emotional complexities potentially present in the beige vegetable? For hundreds of years we have peeled, boiled and mashed them. It’s safe to say we’ve won the potato war, but at what cost? Watch Johnny and the others chip away at the truth:


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