Pleasing Pumpcock [Comedy Sketch]

A Butty Hands video with insight from Joshua Perrett.

It is true that artists always think their most recent work is their best. But it is also true that most artists are only at their best once during their career. Here we find a disconnect.

It comes as no surprise that many creators spend their entire lives trying to emulate their former glory, recreate themselves. Often, they don’t succeed. But for the Butty Boys, the next high was just around the corner. They didn’t need to chase the dragon. They were still riding it.

Butty Hands: Episode 1 went down a treat, like a beer down the neck of an alcoholic. The baying fans wanted more, they knew what was good for them – a little vitamin B. Vitamin Butty.

Feeling the heat, we knew we had to be quick. Leave it too long, and we’d be forgotten, because in a world of instant media, 2 seconds is too long a wait.

But prior to Episode 1‘s release, Loz and I had booked a trip to Amsterdam, where we were to meet friends there and have a good time. Disaster. The Buttyverse couldn’t be ignored, we knew that, not now that it had finally blossomed. There was only one solution: take Butty Hands abroad.

Filming took place between trips to the coffeeshops, with most shots at the Hans Brinker Hostel. We had intended to incorporate more of the city – as it’s a fantastic place – but there were difficulties in doing so, and none of which were helped by us being as high as the International Space Station. I’m not going to explain it all here, as I’ve already covered Amsterdam and the filming we did there in depth in ‘A Few Days in Amsterdam (And Even Fewer Memories)’.

In the meantime, I’ll discuss another element of the video – the acting début of two of our friends: Will (who played Pierre Pumpcock), and Alex (Vince Diesel).

As far as I’m aware, Will had never acted before, not even at school nativity level. Thus, it was difficult at times to get him to recite the lines in the way we’d envisioned, like sucking confessions out of a criminal woodlouse. But perhaps this wasn’t a bad thing. Clearly he was always at unease when speaking, as he didn’t really know what was going on, so he’d often rush the lines, although this led to a short, sharp, blunt effect which was great. Just right, actually. And in a comedy sense, probably better than the more drawn-out dialogue we’d prepared for him.

You could say that Alex was a better actor of the two, but considering that he’s a cameraman and director, he was always going to have a better understanding of what we were looking for. What’s more, he had fewer lines than Will, so naturally it’d be easier for him to master them.

Nonetheless, they both did the job, and to good effect. The overall result was undoubtedly (at the time of writing this) our best video yet. And the fans agreed. It gained views and likes faster than Episode 1, became champion of the Butty Hands portfolio, and above all, it became the new favourite. Enjoy:

Pleasing Pumpcock’s YouTube description:

It’s not going very well. Butty Hands Incorporated is falling apart. Can the Butty Boys make one last video to save the company?


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