Shades of Blue [Music Video]

A Butty Hands video with insight from Loz McManus

Shades of Blue was produced via the collaboration of Alfie Smith, Alex Day and myself. I had quite a clear idea of what I wanted to convey with the video, that being the power in the vibrations of the music and the different forms it can take. Power can be felt through the softest touch of an acoustic string, just as impactful as opening the electric up and sliding down to the 12th fret. After further planning with Alex, we knew how we were going to shoot the video. That being a sense of build and fall, peaks and valleys. The piece that Alfie was going to play was still undecided as I didn’t have time to meet him before the shoot but I did have full confidence in his ability to play and improvise so there weren’t any concerns. On the day, we worked out what acoustic pieces he should play and the electric I was already sure of. I think the shoot worked well because it was a very free atmosphere. We arranged the set, put up the lights and worked together on all aspects to achieve the best possible outcome. The last step was the editing which I was somewhat wary of before starting as I hadn’t put together a music piece before. I soon got the rhythm though, and the video flowed together well. Judge for yourself:

Shades of Blue’s YouTube description:

A blues medley performed by Alfie Smith, directed and edited by Loz Mcmanus. Shot by Alex Day.


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