Joe Is a Sleepy Boy [Loz’s Travels]

A prevailing theme of this trip has been Joe’s extremely turbulent nocturnal life, basically he sleeps like an irritable child. He completes a full repitour of snores before each night is out, from inexplicably heavy breathing with mouth agape to ear drum smashing snorts. Upon questioning, he doesn’t offer much explanation “I can’t breath with my mouth closed” he has said numerous times. It may well sound as if Joe is my young, disabled nephew who can’t quite grasp the foundations of successful human functions. He is, however, a twenty year old man so this isn’t really acceptable. On our latest long haul coach – Iquique to Santiago – clocking in at 28 hours, he took steps to make his sleeping go as smoothly as possible. Throwing back a handful of Peruvian sleeping pills about seven hours in to knock him out for the rest of the journey. What followed was me feeling a mixture of extreme annoyance, exasperation and hilarity in accordance with his antics. In fairness, our seats where quite uncomfortably close together but perfectly separate enough to enjoy the length of the journey with equal division. Joe didn’t see it this way and opted for literally lying with his back on top of me for periods of time that I’d rather not recall. I call this the ‘Joe is lying on top of me and I’m hating every second’ phase. After pushing him off more times than I was able to count, he started lying very still but with one arm spasming every minute or so which was very very odd. I call this the ‘Joe might be dying of a heart attack but at least he’s on his side of the division’ phase. This was one of my favourite phases because it allowed me to get some sleep and if I wanted to have a bit of a laugh, I could watch his unconscious body have a bit of a meltdown. Deep into the night, Joe became even more restless and started to gurgle out mostly inaudible phrases but some of the time I could gather that he was very cold. He would shoot his arm up in the air in search of the fans above my head (always missing by a considerable distance) and leave it dangling there for a while, usually turning to me and saying “gggrgll so cold grlrgl”. It was when he turned to me for the third time that I had the chance to really assess the state of him, he was a wobbly mess. He looked like a spaniel that had smashed it’s snout into its owner’s ketamine stash. My personal favourite moment was when he tried to make the walk down the aisle to the toilet, probably at his weakest point. He staggered, he wobbled, he only just made it really and at least three other awake passengers watched the crucible with me. All made more confusing by the fact that the coach wasn’t moving, we had stopped somewhere to refuel yet just the ten foot walk down a straight path on stationary ground seemed akin to a heroin addict with two broken legs attempting a marathon. We completed the journey despite Joe being off his face, hugging the coastline practically all the way. I am enjoying my time in Chile, spending much more of it just in the cities and beaches than in Peru. I plan to split the rest of my trip between Valparaiso and Santiago before flying to England and then Scotland in late May – early June. There my Butty Hands co-creator Josh Perrett and I will be working on bringing Butty Hands to the masses full time. We make pioneering comedy-drama videos as well as producing musical and written content. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, feel free to check out our youtube channel here:


You can read more about Loz’s travels on his personal blog:


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