Butty Hands: Episode 1 [Comedy Sketch]

A Butty Hands video with insight from Joshua Perrett.

Every dog has its day, and every Butty Hands video has its 2 or 3 seconds in the spotlight. But Butty Hands: Episode 1 was the exception. Finally, we started to receive recognition.

5 months after the first Butty Hands sketch, we decided to compile all that we’d created in one full episode. Our primary reason for doing so was to have all of our material in one video that we could send off to people, along with brand new scripts, with the intention of them being able to watch and get a sense of what Butty Hands is about; for them to dip their paws right into a tub of sticky, yellow comedy.

Butty Hands logo.
One such paw dipped in sticky, yellow comedy.

Once we’d started to put it together, we realised that we may have a fan base of sorts, if only small, and this was our chance to give something back, to treat them to never before seen footage.

For starters, we decided to include a brand new sketch, The Squeaker. Although originally filmed just after Good Morning Officer (GMO), we felt it was too short to be uploaded in its own right as it, like GMO, clocked in at under 1 minute in length. After all, here at Butty Hands, we like to chop and change, be as varied as possible, much like the ingredients in a good fruit salad, so we kept it back for Episode 1.

Now we had the sketches. But as they’re all idiosyncratic, we found that some were quite jarring when simply inserted into the episode in chronological order. To find a solution, we had to get creative.

A technique you seldom see is the use of micro-sketches, transitional sketches, greased rubber ducks, or whatever you want to call them. One example of a comedy programme that employs such a device is Kayvan Novak’s Facjacker, and I’m hard-pressed to name any others. But for Butty Hands, it was just right, actually, as due to the highly improvised nature of our videos, we often have a lot of outtakes that would otherwise go to waste. So where better to put them than in-between our longer sketches in Episode 1? It was certainly a better option than throwing them in the bin or feeding them to our pet cats.

Finally, the video was complete. With the addition of a title sequence, we had something pretty professional, entertaining, and above all, something we could be proud of. When we sent it live onto the World Wide Web, it generated views and likes quicker than any of our previous videos. What’s more, we were literally inundated with one piece of fan mail. Hardly One Direction or David Cameron levels of adoration, but even so, the single message’s contents almost made the stats fade into oblivion: ‘Have you filmed anymore Butty Hands?’ At last, someone who wanted more, who’d caught the Butty Bug, who made it all worth while. For the first time, we knew we had proper fans.

I suppose that now it’s time for you to determine whether this was the mumbling of a crazed, delusional guy whacked out on heroin, sleep-deprivation and Voyager 1 levels of loneliness, or whether he had a point. Whether Butty Hands had made something good. Et voila:


Butty Hands: Episode 1’s YouTube description:

Butty Hands: Episode 1 – Welcome to the Buttyverse

All characters and sketches created and written by Loz McManus and Joshua Perrett.

Filmed, directed and edited by Loz McManus, with assistance from Alex Day, Joshua Perrett, Dan Anderson, Tommy Diment, and Daniel Lawrence.

Special effects by Alex Day.

All music recorded by Joshua Perrett. All music written by Joshua Perrett, excluding ‘Hedwig’s Theme’ by John Williams, ‘Jessica’ by the Allman Brothers Band, and ‘Purple Haze’ by Jimi Hendrix.

Other actors include Dan Anderson and Daniel Lawrence.

Produced by Loz McManus and Joshua Perrett.

Loz McManus’ Flickr account: https://www.flickr.com/photos/133110310@N06/

Alex Day’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqxDiTngsp-VcRiQJ3qTykw


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