Covered [Short Film]

A Butty Hands video with insight from Joshua Perrett.

In February and March 2016, I had the pleasure of writing music for and playing the lead character in ‘Covered’, a short film shot and directed by my friend and Butty Hands co-creator, Loz McManus.

Covered was Butty Hands’ first venture into short film making, although, as previously mentioned, Loz had most of the input and came up with the idea, so it’s more his solo project which I helped with when required. That said, it sits proudly in the Butty Hands catalogue, another showcasing of our ability to explore different genres. And I’ll tell you what, if I ain’t Oscar nominated I’ll be pissed off – my staggering about like a drunken pirate is epic.

Seriously, though, it’s a good piece. The story follows a mysterious, sack-headed man who finds a knife in the forest. Spooky. Who is he? No one knows. What does he do with the knife? You’ll have to watch and find out.

Covered’s YouTube description:

A short film directed and shot by Loz Mcmanus.

First instrumental piece written and played by Joshua Perrett. Syd Barrett’s ‘Golden Hair’ covered by Joshua Perrett. All other music by Loz Mcmanus.


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