Good Morning Officer [Comedy Sketch]

A Butty Hands video with insight from Joshua Perrett.

After the stonking success of Darren Brown: Imperial Wizard, we were on a high. So naturally our next video would be about weed. But we didn’t just film ourselves lazing around smoking pot and mumbling silly speak, oh no. We’re no Doug Benson.

Good Morning Officer (GMO) is one of those sketches that plays with your expectations. One minute you think this will happen, and then you’re hit with something completely different. And in that respect, you could say GMO is like a classic 70s British comedy sketch, a Dave Allen sketch (even though he’s Irish), but with a modern twist, the twist at the end of a joint.

I particularly enjoyed writing the music for this video. It took me a while to figure out which style would accompany the footage, and even longer to work out the melody. But then I came across the bandoneon setting on my keyboard and everything clicked into place like a patient’s spine in a chiropractors. In fact, this and the music for Sausage Clumsy Hands are no doubt my favourite Butty Hands songs.

Perhaps the best thing to come of this video is the fact that Doug Benson himself watched it. After tweeting him a link to the video, he replied with some very kind words. Or, more accurately, just a single word. Nevertheless, someone in the upper echelons of YouTube stardom had watched one of our videos, and this spurred us on to make more content.

Doug Benson tweets Butty Hands.
Doug from Get Doug with High watched our video and replied, the chubby pothead.

And so here it is. Our shortest sketch to date, but no doubt one of my personal favourites:

Good Morning Officer’s YouTube description:

Free spirit Doug Benson is almost caught out by the pork, but once again foils them at the final hurdle.


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