Prongles [Comedy Sketch]

A Butty Hands video with insight from Joshua Perrett.

In order to make a good video, you need good camerawork. That’s a given. Otherwise it’s like a curry with no sauce, Easter with no chocolate, or a cat with no legs. Without it, there’s not much left to enjoy.

We always ask a friend to help us operate the camera, because when Loz and I are both in the same shot, it naturally becomes difficult to film ourselves. Sure, we could mount the camera onto a tripod, but who wants to see a string of static sequences? You just don’t get that sense of motion, of travelling through time and space – and not in a Star Trek kinda way – if you don’t mix it up and go freehand with the camera every now and then.

For Prongles, we enlisted the help of an old friend, who also played the character Gollop. Sadly, his vision isn’t exactly crystal clear – it’s probably more like looking out through eyes made of lead – and to make matters worse he’d forgotten his glasses. Oh dear. It wasn’t like he was about to spend the next few hours filming us or anything…

Nevertheless, in the spirit of Butty Hands, we soldiered on. We weren’t going to let a few fuzy clips spoil everything. An in the end, things turned out well.

Prongles was the first sketch, in our opinion, to feature decent dialogue. Not only did it move the story along, but it also featured some classic lines, funny in their own right. I won’t ruin the video and reveal them now, but you’ll know when you hear them. And we’d finally advanced from Slapstick 101, although being Butty Hands, we still included abstract visual elements (which should be obvious to you, unless you too have eyes made of lead).

Furthermore, the video saw the introduction of three new characters: Mikel McInwheel, Gollop, and the star Mr Prongles. Tiny Eyes also made a comeback, developing his character rather nicely.

And so, without further ado – or further spoiling it – here’s Prongles:

Prongles’ YouTube description:

TV personality and stand-up comedian Mikel McInwheel visits Prongles HQ to interview Mr Prongles and sample his new wet, crisp-based product.



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