Sausage Clumsy Hands [Comedy Sketch]

A Butty Hands video with insight from Joshua Perrett.

What do you film after something as absurd as The Shinman? Comedy-drama.

Loz and I had showcased our creativity, and now it was time to showcase our skill. We wanted to produce something funny yet moving, to catch the viewer between laughing and crying. And all within a 2 minute video.

While it’s unlikely that anyone cried, or laughed for that matter, when watching Sausage Clumsy Hands, it certainly portrays Butty Hands’ adroitness in film making. It has a refined tone, steadily moving towards its climax rather than crashing into it at a million mph. In many ways, it’s the polar opposite of our other material.

Filming the video was fun. As I’m sure you’ll see, certain props made it difficult for me to play the character Tiny Eyes. What’s more, we were terrifically stoned during the house sequence, which only added to the challenge. But the looks I got while stumbling around in public were rewarding in themselves. And poor Loz had to film it. Things even got edgy when shooting the final scene at the graveyard, as we thought we’d been rumbled when a car pulled in seconds after we’d finished recording. But as evident below, we got away, and the video came to be.

Sausage Clumsy Hands’ YouTube description:

Dr Mortin Luther King Jr. once said don’t judge a book by its cover, especially if it’s a black one.


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