Skulls – Misfits Cover [Music]

Punk rock isn’t just 3 or 4 power chords, a bassline of root notes, a cymbal-smasher on the drums, and a nasally singer you suspect may be a tad out of tune. It’s raw emotion.

No genre quite conveys the meaning behind the lyrics like punk. Yes, you may think that an Ed Sheeran-type sat on an empty stage with a guitar, fingerpicking at the crowd’s heartstrings is true intimacy, a connection of the souls. But has anyone ever had fun at such a concert? Has anyone come away with a smile so wide they feel like their face has ripped in half? I don’t think so. You either leave in tears or surrounded by delirious, prepubescent teenage girls.

So why does punk top them all? Why, in my eyes, is it the crème de la crème de la crème? Because punk rockers sing themselves breathless, strum till their strings snap, pound their drums with the power of a world champion boxer, their lyrics are both relatable and poetic, honest and interesting. There are no half-arsed cliches in punk. And there’s definitely no booty shaking.

Naturally, then, it comes as no surprise that I have recorded a horror punk classic, a cover of one of my favourite Misfits songs, ‘Skulls. Have a lil’ listen:

The photograph of me was taken by Loz McManus.


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