We Made It [Loz’s Travels]

We made it, after 27 long hours we arrived at Lima airport. The plane journey really was a blur, hitting the 11th hour I felt that I had always been on the plane and that I would always be on the plane. I got some sleep though and we were offered an extensive choice of meals (meat or pasta). I opted for pasta as I thought that not being able to narrow down exactly what the meat was might have been a bad sign. Joe chose meat and my suspicions were correct. Unfortunately there was no man with a sign to pick us up (either because our plane came in two hours late or the driver was a horrible xenophobe who hates the British). We settled for a taxi, mainly because the driver kept following us around but it actually ended up being cheaper. We received a rude introduction as to how the roads work in Peru, basically just drive wherever and hope you don’t take down a small Peruvian newspaper salesman. He did get us to our first hostel in one piece though which was quite an impressive feat. We are now both showered and ready to have a look around he city we will be staying in for a few weeks. Joe is now eating his fourteenth Brunch Bar of the trip and is wearing a vest.


You can read more about Loz’s travels on his personal blog: https://loztheblog.wordpress.com/


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