The Shinman [Comedy Sketch]

A Butty Hands video with insight from Joshua Perrett.

Arguably the most memorable character in the Buttyverse, the Shinman is a firm fan favourite. Not because he has genius, Chris Morris inspired lines, or the crude brashness of Jay Cartwright, and nor is he relatable like a stand-up comedian. But because he has Flumps for eyebrows.

You could say that The Shinman is a slapstick sketch, absurdly so, surreal even, and some go as far as branding it ‘a shit Mighty Boosh’. A compliment or what? But what many fail to realise is that The Shinman is a parody of The Sandman, and once you are aware of the context you can make sense of the story, the tale of a man who steals children’s shins.

Filmed in my gran’s house with its old-fashioned feel, our first proper attempt at a comedy sketch was a learning curve. We had to overcome difficulties such as poor lighting and an inexperienced cast and production team, because this was uncharted ground. We knew what we wanted, but had almost no clue how to do it. We’d never done this before.

Nonetheless, with a vision in mind, we pressed on, filming take after take until we had something to work with. But we hadn’t finished yet. We still had to edit it together, write a score, get it on the internet and see what would happen. All this done in the few minutes of free time we had between working full-time nightshifts at a supermarket.

Two weeks after we’d first hit record, it was complete. The Shinman was born. 3 minutes and 18 seconds of video that would lay the foundations for the Buttyverse, for Butty Hands. And this is it:

The Shinman’s YouTube description:

The Shinman’s cooking a roast. A Billy roast.


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