The Beginning [Loz’s Travels]

I write this post somewhere over Europe with the sun setting across the clouds and a Haze setting across my mind. I’ve been drifting in and out of sleep for an hour now, after travelling for almost 10. I’ve narrowed my options of sleeping positions down to twisting my intercostal muscles and facing my body to the window (giving me short term comfort and immediate pain as soon as I untwist) and sleeping up right and rigid like a veteran of war. Despite this, The first flight has been pretty good. I have started my new Bill Bryson book and listened to some Johnny Cash which has really got me in the mood for an adventure somewhere north of Peru but I imagine that will come in time. The plane seems to be full of energetic Spanish teenagers on their way home from a school trip, I don’t hate that though and it provides quite a nice lively atmosphere unlike the sullen faces generally found on the cheapest Flybe flight to Amsterdam. Perhaps Air Europa isn’t the worryingly low budget and badly rated airline it’s made out to be. We are yet to face the 12 hour long haul however, so the end isn’t in sight just yet. Joe seems to be having a nice time, he bought a Karl Pilkington  book at Gatwick.


You can read more about Loz’s travels on his personal blog:


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