‘Bruthcombe’ by Joshua Perrett [eBook]

‘Bruthcombe’ is available for £1.99 on Amazon (click here).

Finally, it’s here – my debut short story collection, ‘Bruthcombe’.

Most people’s perception of a 19-year-old boy is someone who spends his time pouring alcohol into every orifice and turning up to uni lectures with a brain-squeezing hangover. Or someone who works 9 till 5 and meets up with the lads at the weekend to watch football. Or someone who’s got a girlfriend and sex but no more money. For me, these aren’t the case.

True, I’ve smoked a few spliff-sploffs, had a few beers and thrown most of them back up, spent 4 months working night shifts at a supermarket, and found a few hiding places for Little Dick. But for the past 18 months or so, most of my time has been consumed by writing, whether it be music, sketches or, as is the case here, fiction.

Inside my book, you’ll find stories about flesh-eating flying fish, an eccentric detective, an acid-dropping killer, a catslaughterer, and a man who likes to take his dead mum for days out. All of which are short, easy to read, and as kind friend Nick Kilford put it: ‘a combination of witty brilliance and sadistic unease, making this book about as surreal as a dream’.

I’m pretty proud of the end product, and I hope you’ll enjoy reading it.

Finally, I’d like to thank those who made this possible: George Thorne for publishing; Loz McManus and Phoebe Atkey for their respective contributions to the cover art; Nick Kilford for writing a review; and Alex Hodgson and Phil Stone for being inspirations.

Enjoy, and in a bit,



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