Looking Forward to Amsterdam [Blog]

The following was written on 27th March, the day before my trip to Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The latter was written today, not long after my return to Edinburgh, UK.


Loz, myself and some friends of ours are off to Amsterdam from the 28th to 31st March, and, apart from having some piffity-puffity, we hope to film some new Butty Hands material. This time, we’re going to try and run with a more sitcom orientated storyline, rather than film individual sketches and link them together afterwards as we normally do. However, should the opportunity and inspiration arise (most likely from the roach of a joint), we’ll also film some new sketches.


It’s now the evening of 31st March, and I’m surrounded by half-unpacked bags, wet clothes, and even more wrinkled ones. Memories of Amsterdam are already fading, and the unremitting whir of aeroplane jet engines lives on. Tinnitus or the scarring of the holiday from hell? You can decide for yourselves once I’ve typed up what little I hazily recall from my smoke-filled trip to the Netherlands, hopefully in the next few days.

In a bit,


Note: You can now read about my time in Amsterdam – mostly spent in one particular coffeeshop – here.


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