The Queerboy in Mascara [Blog]

Yesterday, I finally got round to uploading my newest song, a cover of the Misfits‘ ‘Skulls’, to SoundCloud and YouTube. I’m actually pretty proud of it, as although it’s not the most complex song I’ve recorded, it’s probably the best sounding in terms of my singing, guitar playing and mixing. It’s also my first song release under my birth name. I used to use the stage name ‘Findas Horseburger‘, but now I want to take my music more seriously, and so I’ve wiped the slate clean with a name change. And it will also bring my writing and music together, under one name, one roof. Hopefully the song will get some views – I think it at least deserves a few.

In other news, I introduced myself to two of my new neighbours today. Sadly, I’ve already forgotten their names and what they’re studying at uni, but I remember where they’re from and telling them that (for reasons unknown to me) I bought a shitload of rice the other day. If that doesn’t grab their interest by the nipples, I don’t know what will. Still, they were both affable, even if a little shy at first (but that’s probably because they had no bloody idea who I was. Some queerboy in mascara, eyeliner and women’s jeans they probably thought when they opened the door). I hope to talk to them again. If they let me.

Wilverus Thorndike, writer and musician, in make-up.
To be fair, I wasn’t wearing this exact outfit today, but the eye make-up’s close enough. What a bender.

On a slightly sadder note, well, for me anyway, I’ve been comparing energy providers for the first time in my life and trying to figure out how to pay council tax. I guess I’m properly beginning to enter adulthood. In a way it’s a glum realisation, but in another it’s a sign that I’m becoming more responsible, more independent, and that’s not such a bad thing.

Anyway, that’s probably bored you to death, if you even read the whole thing. I bet your mind wandered off ages ago, and you’re now thinking of cock or vag or toes or whatever it is you dig; I’ve been thinking about kneecaps this whole time. How do bloggers and vloggers get famous by talking about their lives? It’s so dull. So dull I want to tear out my eyes and blitz them in a blender. Even that’s less painful than people telling you about meeting their neighbours or buying a celery stick.

Well, that’s it. I’ve got nothing more to say for now. In a bit,




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